Meet Niiqsik

Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson

is Iñupiaq, born and raised in Kotzebue where she currently lives with her partner, Daniel, and their furry companion, Larry. Growing up at her family’s traditional camps, Elizabeth learned the importance of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork at an early age. To this day, she is reminded of the skills and values her grandparents taught her all those years ago while they checked fishnets, picked berries, and hauled water.

The picture shows Elizabeth as a child with her two brothers and grandfather in a canoe on the shore of a river.

These are the foundational values of Elizabeth’s life and work as an active citizen and community leader. From her time serving as a volunteer firefighter at the Kotzebue Volunteer Fire Department, a Council Member on the Native Village of Kotzebue Tribal Council, and a Director on the Inuit Circumpolar Council – Alaska Board of Directors, Elizabeth understands what it means to serve her community.

The picture shows Elizabeth speaking behind a podium alongside two others at a Veteran's Day Celebration event in 2016.

Elizabeth has a varied background in government and public service; most recently, she spent two years as a legislative staffer to Representative John Lincoln, all while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in social science, with concentrations in political science, economics, and sociology. Thanks to the innovative distance delivery methods of the University of Alaska system, she has been able to work toward her degree from home and during full-time employment. Prior to joining Representative Lincoln, she served as both Project Manager and Grants Implementations Administrator for the Northwest Arctic Borough and Coordinator for the 2019 Qatŋut Trade Fair for Nana Regional Corporation.

Elizabeth’s love for Alaska, its people, and its rich cultural history are what drives her commitment to serving her people. Heavily influenced by her Iñupiaq heritage, Elizabeth knows how essential culture is to the communities throughout the district. She believes the State of Alaska can play an important role revitalizing culture and language.

Alaskans will face many challenges in the coming months and years. With her experience in government, involvement in local and statewide organizations, and her lifelong love for House District 40, Elizabeth hopes to continue to serve the people of Alaska.