Alaska State House Candidate District 40

Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson

Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson

Alaska District 40

Ready to Work.

“Through my experience working in the legislature, diverse community involvement, and lifelong love for our district, I’ve learned what it means to truly serve our region. I have seen first-hand how decisions in Juneau impact Alaskans across the state. Now more than ever, we need passionate leaders that keep our communities, cultures, and priorities in mind.”

Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson

Niiqsik’s Priorities

Fostering Tribal Partnerships

Productive, meaningful, and equitable partnerships with Tribes can solve complex issues.

Funding Meaningful Education

Equipping schools with necessary funding and support will provide our children with quality education.

Sustainable Resource Development

Our lands, water, and clean air can power our communities and it is time we invest in such solutions.

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Who is Niiqsik?

Growing up in Kotzebue, Elizabeth learned the importance of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork from her grandparents. Her involvement in the community has proven her to be a fierce advocate for all Alaskans and she hopes to continue that work by representing HD-40.

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